Make sure the cranks are awake. Spinning them will not wake them, unless you have magnets on your bike. Do at least one or two pedal strokes on each crank (to make sure they are BOTH awake) or swipe both manually with the magnet.

Low battery level can cause a crank not to be "found". 

Test with VINC (our free App from the PlayStore.) It will read battery levels in volts for each crank separately. By turning on diagnostic mode, (the stethoscopes) you can test each crank independently to see if it is reading power. (Use the first page of graphs and information- Nm for the torque applied and balance to show if the crank is reading properly and which crank is measuring. eg.100%-0% when testing the left crank. 0%-100% when testing the right crank.

If you continue to encounter problems, please contact